Energy Rating Systems

Alitech is committed to energy efficiency and aligns its windows and doors with recognised and respected energy rating systems.

Windows and doors have a big impact on the interior comfort level of homes. Retaining warmth in winter reduces power bills and increases wellbeing.

We’re pleased to offer two systems to help inform your Alitech choice:

The ENERGY STAR® Mark System


This is New Zealand’s only independent, government backed mark of energy efficiency. It is administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA). The Energy Star Mark is applied to the most energy efficient products within a category.

Windows and doors supplied by APL manufacturers will qualify for the Energy Star mark when they achieve an R-value of 0.32. This is a demanding measure of thermal resistance. ThermalHeart products with double glazing will qualify for this mark. Standard aluminium frames will also meet this threshold if they include high-performance double glazing, inclusive of argon gas fill and Low-E coating partner in the Energy Star mark programme.

WEERS - Window Energy Efficiency Rating System

WEERS - Window Energy Efficiency Rating System

This system allocates between one and six stars to a job lot of windows and doors – so is more descriptive than the Energy Star mark programme. The WEERS system has been adopted by WANZ (the Window Association of New Zealand) and uses its own star logo. The more stars, the better the thermal efficiency.

Consumers can see the energy rating for their job lot of windows and doors on their window quotation or in a separate report.