ThermalHEART Technology

Maximum energy conservation and interior comfort.

ThermalHEART door

It's smart in more ways than one – a discerning choice and a very clever product.

A polyamide insulator has been stitched into the core of every ThermalHEART window and door to minimise cold and heat transfer. Interior comfort just got a whole lot easier and a lot more affordable.

ThermalHEART offers the best of both worlds – the impressive pedigree of the residential brand of aluminium joinery cross-bred with the latest in thermal break technology.

It’s the smart step up from Residential with a small price premium that’s more of an investment than a cost.

Smart choice. Smart product.

Click here to read an article about an award winning Bay of Plenty home which used ThermalHeart doors and windows.

Note: ThermalHEART products have a thermal break within the system, and in direct sunlight the temperature on the external facing of the product may become very high, relative to inside. There is a potential for the system to experience slight bowing and doors may have difficulty closing smoothly. We stress that this is only a temporary effect and the system will revert back to its normal shape as the aluminium cools. This effect is primarily in dark colours, so it can be minimised by selecting lighter external colours or increasing the shade in the area.